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About Instrumentation Laboratory

Instrumentation Laboratory (IL) is a leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of innovative Critical Care and Hemostasis in vitro diagnostic systems, assays and data solutions for hospitals and clinical laboratories. IL products have consistently contributed to enhancing efficiency, reducing costs and improving the quality of patient care in hospitals around the world.

We continue to broaden our leadership through a vigorous R&D program and strategic acquisitions. Our GEM® Premier™ Critical Care analyzers, ACL TOP® Hemostasis Testing Systems and HemosIL® assays have been joined by new innovations, such as IQM®2, ACL TOP Family 50 Series Systems, HemoHub™ Intelligent Data Manager, and HemoCell™ Specialized Lab Automation. 

Recent acquisitions of Accriva Diagnostics, as well as CA Casyso AG and its TEM subsidiaries, have expanded our global footprint with the market-leading ROTEM® systems for Patient Blood Management, Hemochron® and VerifyNow® systems for Whole Blood Hemostasis testing and AVOX point-of-care CO-Oximeters.

Headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts, IL has operations worldwide. We're an integral part of Werfen, a global healthcare company dedicated to delivering the highest-quality in vitro diagnostic products. 

Our ultimate mission is to support you in improving the quality of patient care.

Worldwide Headquarters

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Bedford, MA, USA
  • Worldwide Headquarters
  • Corporate Functions
  • R&D, Manufacturing Critical Care and Hemostasis Systems
  • Quality Assurance and Regulatory
  • Training Center
  • Commercial Operations North America
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Orangeburg, NY, USA
  • R&D, Manufacturing Hemostasis and Critical Care Reagents
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San Diego, CA, USA
  • R&D, Manufacturing Whole Blood Hemostasis and CO-Oximetry Systems and Reagents 
munich-crop jpg 

Munich, Germany
  • R&D, Manufacturing Patient Blood Management (ROTEM) Systems and Reagents