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The Standard of Care in Critical Care Testing

The GEM Premier 3000 simplifies every aspect of whole blood testing while delivering fast, reliable results in the lab or at the point-of-care.  
  • Disposable multi-use cartridge contains everything you need: sensors, solutions, waste bag, tubing, even the sampler
  • Maintenance-free — just replace the cartridge every three weeks
  • iQM, IL's proprietary Intelligent Quality Management system, performs continuous quality control
  • GEMweb® software provides access to any networked analyzer to view results, monitor performance and deploy standard configurations

Measured Analytes Derived Parameters
pH Ca++
pCO2 Glu
pO2 Lac
NA+ Hct
HCO3- BE (ecf)
HCO3- std sO2c
TCO2 Ca++ (7.4)
BE (B)

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