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Helps ensure optimal test results for enhanced patient care

Intelligent Quality Management (iQM) is Instrumentation Laboratory’s patented quality assurance system that helps ensure optimal test results for GEM Premier 3000, GEM Premier 3500 and GEM Premier 4000 systems regardless of time of day, location or operator proficiency. Providing continuous quality management with real-time error detection and correction, iQM eliminates the need for traditional external quality controls and increases control in remote testing locations. 
  • Continuously monitors all critical components of blood gas testing in real time to assure accurate results
  • Automatically assures that each test meets demanding quality specifications
  • Immediately detects, corrects and documents errors
  • Eliminates labor and material costs associated with traditional QC
  • Assures that optimal quality control protocols are followed at all times, regardless of operator training


IL’s iQM is breakthrough quality assurance software that continuously monitors critical care testing processes, assuring that quality standards are achieved 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.