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Real-time detection, correction and documentation

New iQM2* with Intraspect™ technology provides intelligent quality management for our GEM® Premier™ 5000 system. Before, during and after every sample run, iQM2 performs continuous, real-time checks to ensure optimal test results.

  • Provides complete real-time quality assurance for every sample and ensures each test meets demanding quality specifications
  • Detects errors in minutes (versus hours in manual or traditional QC)
  • Prevents unnecessary retesting for higher patient and staff satisfaction
  • Eliminates labor and material costs associated with traditional QC
  • Allows caregivers more time at bedside


A continuous cycle of 5 quality checks.


All contained within a stable, closed analytical system

The all-in-one multi-use GEM PAK analyzes 5 levels of Process Control Solutions (PCSs) continuously to confirm sensor and PAK performance. It eliminates outside variables, ensures errors are known and limited, and predicts errors through Pattern Recognition.

 GEM_PAK jpg

GEM PAKs are available in different menu and test-volume configurations for optimal flexibility.

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* Not available in all countries