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Testing Process Automation for medium- to high-volume labs
Superior functionality at the right size. The ACL TOP 500 CTS matches unique testing capabilities in a system of its size, with end-to-end automation for simplicity and maximum operator productivity. A complete solution for routine, medium- to high-volume and specialty labs, the ACL TOP 500 CTS features the advanced technology of the ACL TOP 700. With a broad menu for routine and specialty assays, the ACL TOP 500 CTS is ideal for broad spectrum lab needs and testing volumes.

All ACL TOP Systems provide:

  • Same results—standardization among labs
  • Same reagents and consumables—optimized administration
  • Same features and usability—simplified training
  • Same powerful and intuitive software—ease of use

Throughput (PT/hr)


Samples onboard


Reagents onboard









Highly automated testing processes in routine, medium- to high-volume and specialty labs.


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