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Advanced testing automation and quality management for medium- to high-volume labs

Superior functionality at the right size—now with automated assay-specific pre-analytical sample checks. The ACL TOP 550 CTS* system matches the unique testing capabilities with end-to-end automation for simplicity and maximum operator productivity. Its comprehensive menu for routine and specialty assays is ideal for broad-sprectrum lab needs and testing volumens. New automated pre-analytical sample checks, advanced automated quality management and accreditation support tools enhance efficiency and patient care.

All ACL TOP systems offer true standardization for superior performance:

  • Same quality results
  • Same comprehensive reagent portfolio
  • Same features and usability
  • Same powerful and intuitive software

And now:

  • Same assay-specific pre-analytical sample checks
  • Same advanced lab accreditation support
  • Same advanced quality management



up to 240








A complete solution for medium- to high-volume routine and specialty labs, the ACL TOP 550 CTS system delivers unmatched testing automation and quality.

* Not available in all countries