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The GEM Premier 3000 system measures pH, blood gases, electrolytes, metabolites and more, while providing continuous quality management through iQM and zero-maintenance with its multi-use, disposable GEM PAK.

More versatility and flexibility for faster, easier, more efficient testing.

GEM Premier 3500 with iQM GEM PAK

Multi-use disposable GEM PAK requires no refrigeration and contains all components for patient testing.

Menu and PAK configurations

  • Measured Analytes
    pH, pCO2pO2, Na+, K+, Ca++, Glu, Lac, Hct

    Derived (Calculated) Parameters
    HCO3, HCO3 std, TCO2, BE(B) in vitro, BE(ecf) in vivo, sO2c, Ca++ (7.4), THbc, A-aDO2, pAO2, paO2/pAO2, RI, CaO2, CvO2, CcO2, a-vDO2, Qsp/Qt, P50

  • Test Volumes:

    35*, 75**, 150, 300, 450, 600***

    Menu Options:

    Blood Gas, Hct

    Blood Gas, Lytes, Hct

    Blood Gas, Lytes, Glu, Lac, Hct

  • *   35 test volume PAKs have a 4 wk onboard use-life and are available with Blood Gas/Hct menus only.  Unless noted, all PAKs have a 3 wk onboard use-life.
    **  75 test volume PAKs with a 4 wk onboard use-life are available with Blood Gas/Hct and Blood Gas/Lytes/Hct menus, 75 test volume PAKs with a 3 wk onboard use-life and are available with all GEM Premier 3000 menu options.  
    *** 600 test volume PAKs have a 2 wk onboard use life.

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