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Spurred by Rapid Growth in Hemostasis Business and Introduction of Newly Created Acute Care Diagnostics Portfolio

Bedford, MA - May 7, 2018

Instrumentation Laboratory (IL) today announced total worldwide sales in 2017 of $970 M (€862 M), with total growth of 22.2% over 2016, including 6.6% organic growth and 15.6% from corporate acquisitions. In 2017, the Company completed the integration of their Accriva Diagnostics and Tem acquisitions, of January 2017 and September 2016, respectively. IL, an integral part of Werfen, specializes in Hemostasis and Acute Care Diagnostics systems.

In the Hemostasis business line, sales grew 7.5% in local currencies, solidifying the Company’s global leadership position. All key territories contributed, including China with growth of 23.5%, Latin America with 15.2%, and the United States with 8.1%, double that of the market and achieving the #1 market position in the combined North American Hemostasis market.

“2017 was a year of tremendous growth for IL, driven by the outstanding performance of our traditional product lines, as well as the integration of our recent Tem and Accriva acquisitions, which provided us with outstanding new product lines and a team of global experts in Whole Blood Hemostasis and Patient Blood Management,” said Ramon Benet, CEO at IL. “We can now offer an integrated Hemostasis diagnostics system for the laboratory and point-of-care, as well as a comprehensive rapid testing system for a broad range of hospital Acute Care settings, enabling our customers to improve the quality of patient care and experience, while lowering the total cost of care.”

Key Hemostasis achievements in 2017 include continued aggressive growth of the Company’s flagship ACL TOP® Family 50 Series Hemostasis Testing Systems, expansion of the HemoCell™ Specialized Lab Automation customer base, and the addition of important new functionalities for HemoHub™ Intelligent Data Manager. In addition, the Company received 510(k) clearance of the HemosIL® AcuStar HIT-IgG(PF4-H) chemiluminescent assay from the US Food and Drug Administration, complementing the latex-based HemosIL HIT-Ab(PF4-H) assay, and expanding its portfolio for this critically important test.

In Acute Care Diagnostics, the Company integrated its traditional Blood Gas offering with the Whole Blood Hemostasis systems from the Accriva and Tem acquisitions, offering a comprehensive set of products to support Acute Care in clinical hospital settings, from Operating Rooms and Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories, to Emergency Departments and Intensive Care Units. The new Acute Care Diagnostics business line combines the leading GEM® Premier™ Blood Gas portfolio with ROTEM® Patient Blood Management systems, Hemochron™ anticoagulant testing systems, VerifyNow™ platelet function testing systems, and Avoximeter™ CO-Oximeters. IL also expanded worldwide commercialization of its breakthrough GEM Premier 5000 analyzer with Intelligent Quality Management 2 (iQM®2), and launched GEMweb® Plus 500 Custom Connectivity, for complete control of GEM Premier systems.

About IL Hemostasis Business Line
ACL TOP Family 50 Series Hemostasis Testing Systems represent a true breakthrough in routine and specialty testing, offering unprecedented pre-analytical quality assurance, risk-management and laboratory accreditation benefits. The ACL AcuStar is the first specialty testing analyzer to offer full automation of highly sensitive immunoassays, with no special training required. HemoCell Specialized Lab Automation, a unique Hemostasis workcell, allows Hemostasis labs to standardize their testing processes. HemoHub Intelligent Data Manager, a specialized information technology solution, centralizes oversight and access to an unlimited number of ACL testing systems for operational performance,quality management and clinical-decision support. The comprehensive and fully automated HemosIL assay portfolio, including routine and specialty testing, is designed for disease-state management. The HemosIL HIT-Ab(PF-H) assay provides the first, liquid, ready-to-use, fully automated, on-demand assay for Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia (HIT) on a Hemostasis testing system.

About IL Acute Care Diagnostics Business Line
The GEM Premier 5000 system with iQM2, designed for use at the hospital point-of-care, measures critical parameters, including blood gases, electrolytes, metabolites, and a full CO-Oximetry panel, in seconds, from heparinized whole-blood samples. iQM2 provides a complete picture of quality for each sample—continuously and in real-time—ensuring the quality of every test result. Other members of the GEM Premier Family include GEM Premier 4000 and GEM Premier 3500, both with iQM. VerifyNow offers platelet-function testing in minutes for antiplatelet therapy guidance. ROTEM viscoelastic testing systems optimize patient blood management, providing rapid differential diagnostic information of coagulopathies to optimize transfusion decisions in major surgeries and traumatic bleeding scenarios. Hemochron Signature Elite offers the broadest test menu for rapid whole blood Hemostasis diagnosis and monitoring at the point of care. Avoximeter portable oximeters ensure accuracy and rapid results in Cardiac Catheterization and other Acute Care settings.

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