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Instrumentation Laboratory Launches HemoHub™ Intelligent Data Manager Worldwide

Centralizes Control of Hemostasis Testing Across Instruments and Sites

Bedford, MA - September 26, 2017

Instrumentation Laboratory (IL) today announced the worldwide launch of HemoHub Intelligent Data Manager, a specialized information technology solution for the Hemostasis laboratory. Centralizing oversight and access to an unlimited number of ACL® testing systems, whether deployed in a single lab or across a network of clinical laboratories, HemoHub provides remote management of Hemostasis testing from a single workstation. The result is unmatched operational performance, quality management and clinical-decision support.

HemoHub allows users to view status of all analyzers, test results and QCs, across multiple testing sites, to facilitate standardization of Hemostasis lab management. HemoHub supports clinical decision-making by providing a centralized view of clot signature curves, flagging critical results, and automating configurable rerun and reflex rules.

“HemoHub is designed for today’s busy health networks where quality and consistency is essential. By centralizing control of Hemostasis testing, lab managers can facilitate standardization and predictability of results management, thus reducing error for better patient care,” said Patrick Collyer, Marketing Manager, IT Solutions at IL. “And by streamlining workflow, operational efficiency of Hemostasis testing is significantly enhanced.”

With flexibility to optimize operations, HemoHub establishes and monitors Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with a configurable dashboard and statistical report formats. To aid in accreditation, HemoHub incorporates a centralized document manager. And, its intuitive touchscreen interface makes HemoHub easy to operate, while integration with hospital information systems, such as LIS, is streamlined.

ACL Testing systems include the ACL TOP Family of Hemostasis Testing Systems, the new ACL TOP Family 50 Series Systems and the ACL Elite systems.

ACL TOP Family of Hemostasis Testing Systems

The ACL TOP Family is a complete line of Hemostasis Testing Systems—each designed with the same high standards of operation and functionality to meet the needs of your hospital and lab, regardless of its size or scope. Whether running routine or highly specialized assays, ACL TOP systems are ideal for low- to high-volume labs through fully integrated Laboratory Automation Systems. And, because ACL TOP Systems are optimized to run with HemosIL reagents, they are part of a complete disease state management solution.

New ACL TOP Family 50 Series Testing Systems

These new systems offer all of the standardization benefits of the ACL TOP Family, plus unprecedented pre-analytical quality assurance, risk- management and laboratory accreditation benefits. Automated pre-analytical sample integrity checks identify under-filled sample tubes, abnormal sample aspiration potentially caused by clots, and assay-specific interference from hemolysis, icterus and lipemia. Additionally, the ACL TOP Family 50 Series systems offer enhanced laboratory accreditation tools to automate documentation for compliance with quality standards. Models include: ACL TOP 750/CTS/LAS, ACL TOP 550 CTS, ACL TOP 350 CTS.

ACL Elite Hemostasis Systems

ACL Elite and ACL Elite Pro offers routine, specialty and STAT assays on compact, convenient and easy-to-use systems. For small to mid-sized laboratories, the systems provide process automation, maximizing walk-away time.

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