Instrumentation Laboratory Launches HemosIL® ReadiPlasTin® Assay Worldwide

Liquid, Ready-to-Use PT Reagent for Enhanced Efficiency and Accuracy

Bedford, MA - August 15, 2016

Instrumentation Laboratory (IL) today announced the commercialization of HemosIL ReadiPlasTin, a new PT reagent, in markets throughout the world, expanding the Company’s growing portfolio of liquid, ready-to-use assays. The analytical performance of HemosIL ReadiPlasTin is equivalent to the Company’s gold-standard HemosIL RecombiPlasTin® 2G assay. Both reagents offer high sensitivity, low ISI ≈1.0, with recombinant human tissue factor and synthetic phospholipids, providing lot-to-lot consistency. Additionally, HemosIL ReadiPlasTin does not require pipetting and acclimation time, reducing manual reagent handling and reconstitution errors.

“By eliminated pipetting and wait time, HemosIL ReadiPlastin virtually eliminates human error and drastically reduces preparation time for one of the most common tests performed in labs today,” said Remo Tazzi, Director Worldwide Hemostasis Marketing at IL. “This important addition to our broad portfolio of liquidready-to-use reagents reinforces our commitment to helping laboratories achieve greater efficiency while improving patient care.”

HemosIL ReadiPlasTin is fully validated for use and stable for up to ten days in original vials on ACL TOP Family and new ACL TOP Family 50 Series* Hemostasis Testing Systems. It is available in 10 and 20 mL formats.

The leading manufacturer of instruments and reagents for the Hemostasis market worldwide, IL been at the forefront of innovation in hemostasis testing for more than thirty years. Recently, the Company introduced the ACL TOP Family 50 Series Hemostasis Testing Systems with automated pre-analytical sample checks. The ACL TOP Family of fully automated analyzers is the leading Hemostasis product line in the world.

About Prothrombin Time

Prothrombin Time (PT) is a global test of the extrinsic and common pathways of coagulation. It is commonly used to screen for inherited and acquired coagulation disorders and to monitor warfarin therapy.1

*Not available in all countries.


  1. Kottke-Marchant K. Algorithmic Approaches to Hemostasis Testing. Semin Thromb Hemost. 2014;40(02):195- 204.

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