Provides a complete picture of quality for each sample

New Intraspect technology, iQM2 performs continuous checks—before, during and after every sample, providing real-time detection, immediate correction and automatic documentation.  The all-in-one, multi-use GEM PAK eliminates outside variables, ensures errors are known and limited, and predicts errors through patented pattern recognition software. A continuous cycle of 5 quality checks provides intelligent analysis, regardless of point-of-care operator, time or place.


  • Automatic real-time detection
    Performs continuous checks—before, during and after every sample, using five types of continuous quality checks performed throughout GEM PAK use-life. New IntraSpect technology offers quality checks during every sample analysis.
  • Immediate, automatic correction and documentation
    Initiates intelligent corrective actions, if any sensor, CO-Ox, system-stability or sample error, is detected specific to source of error. Documents all actions in real-time; no manual documentation required, minimizing regulatory requirement efforts.

iQM2 reduces error detection time from hours to minutes*

iQM2 vs. Traditional Quality Control

* (1) Westgard JO, et al. Validation of iQM active process control technology. Point of Care, The Journal of Near-Patient Testing and Technology. 2003:Vol. 2, No. 1.  (2) Toffaletti JG, et al. Validation of a quality assessment of blood gas and electrolyte testing. Clinica Chimica Acta. 2007:382:65–70.

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