Proven technology for fast platelet aggregation testing

With dedicated single-use cuvettes and three reagents, the ROTEM platelet provides platelet aggregation results in six minutes. Measures three parameters with impedance aggregometry detection. In conjunction with ROTEM delta, the system can be operated at the point of care, enabling comprehensive patient blood management.


  • Fast
    Platelet aggregation results in six minutes, enabling rapid patient management decisions. Dedicated single-use cuvettes for simplicity and efficiency.
  • Comprehensive results
    Measures three aggregation parameters: Area Under the Curve (AUC), Amplitude at 6 minutes (A6) and Maximum Slope (MS).
  • Flexible
    With the ROTEM delta analzyer, delivers a flexible solution for whole blood testing for a comprehensive assessment of coagulation status. Two channels allow both analyzer and module to perform measurements simultaneously.

ROTEM delta analyzer and ROTEM platelet module

ROTEM delta analyzer and ROTEM platelet module

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