“We recognize that our products play a key role in patient care and are crucial for the management of hospitalized COVID-19 patients. As such, everyone at IL understands our role and is committed to maintain our customers’ operations.”

—Ramon Benet, CEO at IL

An update on the IL response to COVID-19 from our CEO
Werfen Academy



Featuring new ISTH webinars on Hemostasis and COVID-19

We are offering two new webinars from the ISTH related to COVID-19:

  • Thrombosis, Thromboprophylaxis and Coagulopathy in COVID-19 Infections
  • Thrombotic and Hemostatic Issues in Critical Care Units Managing COVID-19

IL Employees Dedicated to Uninterrupted Product Supply and Customer Support



Thank you, Operations and Field Support teams for your dedication during COVID-19!